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YGC, has brought together a professional group of people to form a highly experienced team. Together, we create a strong and functional platform for Property Managers and Insurance Companies including general construction, planning, structuring, schedule implementation and decision making that produces a solid yet flexible company. The pedigree found within this team brings leadership to the industry and permits YGC to thrive in the market.

We are very capable and able to comprehend any challenges that may arise throughout the projects. We are able to distinguish and inform the client what, where and why with great detail regarding the issues and the solutions to correct so as the client is able to make educated decisions regarding any concerns that may arise. Our personal experience, to which we have built and managed over 10,000 projects from start up to turn key – a track record that has built a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge for our clients.

Rest assured you will have many years of experience and will benefit from company owner management to be on site to ensure quality and Integrity is maintained throughout the project duration.

“We make a commitment to our clients; it does not end with the first hand shake or the moment we sign off on the completion certificate”. “We work hand in hand with our clients to consult with professional information, with honesty and integrity every step of the way, to ensure that your experience, end product and service are first rate”.

YGC thanks you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and we look forward to partnering with you.

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Daniel N. Louden
President ︱YGC